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G3G Athletic Training

Here’s how we used the power of Google Ads and Facebook to generate over 80 new signups for G3G Athletic Training’s basketball tryouts.

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01. The Challenge

Devrinn Paul and his wife, Gabrielle, are the founders of a skills development training program that trains athletes in the fundamentals of basketball while preparing them for the collegiate level. With January being their most crucial month of the year, they needed a way to drive new athletes to their spring tryouts.

Enter Blue Surge Marketing Agency.

02. The Strategy

As basketball enthusiasts, ourselves, working with G3G Athletic Training was a welcomed opportunity to apply our skills of programmatic advertising to a passion we enjoyed. We recognized early on that with a shorter than usual time window, and we wanted to strategize a methodology that allowed for the most immediate turnaround time for conversions. Thus we chose to use PPC (pay-per-click) ads.

We decided to use the power of Google Search and Facebook ads concurrently to drive the actions to need to get new athletes to sign up to come to tryouts. As the location of their tryouts facility was in Nassau County, we used geotargeting so that only individuals searching for basketball-related terms within a 20-mile radius would see the ads.

On social media, we created a Facebook event page and ran multiple ad campaigns using video creatively to encourage sign-ups.

For four weeks, we monitored the progress of the campaigns and made tweaks along the way to ensure optimal performance.

03. The Results

The ad campaigns performed remarkably well — just take a look at the table below to see the huge click through rates we were able to drive with such a low cost per click. 

As evidenced from this PPC case study, our efforts drove a massive return with 160 total registrations for G3G’s Athletic Training’s spring tryouts. Our results were a product of a highly granular campaign structure, leveraging an off-site landing page with high discovery potential, and a rigorous process for ongoing optimization. While we had a short lead time to drive results for a brand new client, we certainly succeeded with this effort. 

Blue Surge is extremely dependable and very professional. They not only delivered what they said for our tryout, but they also were very user friendly. Great experience and we will be back.
Devrinn Paul
Owner of G3G Athletic Training

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