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Amistad Long Island Black Bar Association

Lean how Blue Surge Marketing Agency helped the Amistad Long Island Black Bar Association redesign their site so they could get new memberships.

01. The Challenge

Amistad Long Island Black Bar Association is an affiliate of the National Bar Association. They are dedicated to the professional development of Black attorneys who either live or work in Long Island. Amistad presented two significant issues that needed resolving. One, their website was not housed on any content management system. This problem exacerbated issues where Amistad could not quickly update their content, which resulted in them having an outdated, poorly designed site. Their other problem was that as a membership-based organization, they had no automatic system in place to keep track of paid and non-paid members.

Enter Blue Surge Marketing Agency.

02. The Strategy

Blue Surge used their in-depth history of working with local nonprofits to meet Amistad’s two-part objectives. First, we had to revamp their website thoroughly. We selected a CMS that would be robust enough to handle any feature requests, but also simple enough to use with our training and guidance. We implemented the best web design practices and drew inspiration from more significant bar associations.

After the website design portion was successful, we conceived the best solution for their membership woes. We chose WooCommerce Subscriptions, a powerful plugin that allowed their constituents to renew their annual memberships automatically. Their members could now create user accounts, manage their subscriptions, renew early, and more.

As a bonus, we added site tracking to provide their organization with the data necessary to make valuable insights.

Before After Redesign
We added simple account management features for all returning and new members.

03. The Results

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Amistad Long Island Black Bar Association was presented with a fast, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-navigate website to start the year. Members unanimously agreed the site was a vast improvement from its previous iteration. The completed site includes built-in AMP compatibility, a necessary feature to align with Google’s recent search engine changes. With the right digital foundation, Amistad is looking forward to continuing its mission of empowering black attorneys in the Long Island community.

How We Helped Amistad Long Island Black Bar Association Revamp Their Site
Finished desktop and mobile site for Amistad Long Island Black Bar Association.

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