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Vomaz Home Improvements Inc.

Here’s how we helped a husband and wife get their professional business website up and running in less than three weeks.

01. The Challenge

Louise Napolitano and Dave started their home improvement business as a way to capitalize on Dave’s handyman skills. Dubbed Vomaz Home Improvement Inc., Louise and her husband were looking for simplicity. They need a basic, no-frills site that would look good, allow them to make updates quickly, and show examples of past jobs they completed.

Enter Blue Surge Marketing Agency.

Note: Due to COVID-19, this company’s has ceased operations indefinitely. As a result, the website is no longer operating.

02. The Strategy

Meeting client needs is a core part of what we do at Blue Surge. Not every client wants (or needs) a vast, razzle-dazzle website with the latest features and fancy widgets. And for a no-nonsense industry like home improvement, the goal was to get the job done concisely.

Gallery pages are important elements of home improvement websites.

We focused on ensuring their website was designed both artfully and according to their specifications. Customers looking to hire a contractor for their home aren’t looking for flashy widgets and extended blogs. They want to know if their company is credible and can deliver on whatever his promise is. When a customer might be making $10,000 repairs on their home, establishing a personal relationship with the contractor is paramount. That’s why we made sure to include prominent call-to-action buttons on the site to encourage customers to call for estimates.

Function > Form

03. The Results

We successfully delivered Louise and Dave’s website. They’ve been growing their home improvement business and continue to serve customers in the Greater New York area.

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