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Straight Tax

Here’s how we combined a digital marketing strategy to help a local tax business boost their revenue and client base.

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01. The Challenge

The tax preparation industry is an extremely competitive business, especially between January to March. Rival tax companies, sometimes often nested on the same street just miles apart from each other, will aggressively poach each other’s clients. Furthermore, the rise of online tax preparation services from both industry heavyweights and solopreneurs has exacerbated the challenges within this industry. Carmen Mohan, the operator and owner of Straight Tax (formerly Lite Tax) sought a way to distinguish her business from the other tax preparation companies in her area.

Enter Blue Surge Marketing Agency.

02. The Strategy

While business models, prices, and even discounts can be copied, customer satisfaction is the differentiator across all verticals that separates the wheat from the chaff. Straight Tax already had a strong client base that served both Suffolk and Nassau County. Customers would traverse the island, sometimes even coming from the outer boroughs to get their taxes professional serviced at Straight Tax. However, we realized that Straight Tax did not have any review system in place to show their credibility. Furthermore, customers that did leave feedback would do it verbally, which was appreciated but limited the opportunity for prospective clients to know how to gauge the service level.

Displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by a whopping 270%.

We helped Straight Tax build a loyalty program that encouraged clients to leave reviews of their experiences there in a digital format that everyone could see publicly.

03. The Results

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