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Here’s how we built an intelligent, bold e-commerce website that helped MMMints modernize the world of soft gel mints.

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01. The Challenge

Joshua Morrison, CEO of MMMints started his company after his dissatisfaction with the available breath mints on the market. Realizing the need for a modern spin on a classic item, he spent seven years formulating the perfect ratio of ingredients. He eventually succeeded and created a fast dissolving, soft gel mint that packed a whopping burst of mint flavor, dubbing it MMMints. Upon completion of the product manufacturing, Joshua needed the perfect website to share his reinvented vision on the contemporary breath mint with the world. Enter Blue Surge.

02. The Strategy

We identified that MMMint needed a bona fide website that would make it stand out from the already existing brands in the breath mint space. Continuing with the bold and modern angle, we wanted to ensure that the MMMint website would be built with a mobile-friendly and responsive design first, meaning millennial and Gen Z’ers would find it easy to be. Joshua also wanted the ability to spread the taste of MMMints upon launch, so our team opted to make the site e-commerce focused.

As huge e-commerce enthusiasts, we relish any opportunity to work with new brands setting into the retail ecosystem. We took the hours invested into our kickoff meeting and worked with the MMMints team to come up with a smart e-commerce solution.

To make checkout even easier for Joshua’s customers, we linked his Amazon products to the completed website, so that potential buyers would feel even more comfortable finishing their purchase in the Amazon ecosystem.

While the site was being worked on, instead of the standard maintenance or “Coming Soon” page, we instead launched a “Try MMMint Today” splash page that allowed visitors to request a free sample box of Mmmints before they officially launched to public.

03. The Results

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