Why Store Owners Should Still Feel Hopeful About the 2020 Pandemic Holiday Season

Blue Surge Marketing Agency Why Store Owners Should Still Feel Hopeful About the 2020 Pandemic Holiday Season

Thanks again for taking the time to read our posts. Without your readership, we couldn’t continue. Last month’s post (which you can read here) covered much ground about new changes and updates on our operations side. This month’s edition is for our e-commerce merchants who are gearing up for the impending 2020 holiday season. Take a few minutes to dive our insights. Who knows, you might learn something.

Let’s begin:

First up, the facts: Shoppers in the U.S. plan to spend 23% more than last year (Source: Shopify 2020) — so there’s still a ton of opportunities for brands to get in on the Black Friday Cyber Monday action.

This is relevant whether you’re running your business from a Long Island suburb, the booming metropolis of Atlanta, or shipping boxes out on the sunny side of LA.

Why? Because despite the pandemic, people are shopping more online now than ever.

That’s why you already have a comprehensive and written down marketing plan for the next 9 weeks, right?

All the major brands have completed theirs since the summer…

But I’m going to take a wild guess and say you probably didn’t. 

And that’s OKAY.

I was like that too when I was ran my first business, KickBackz (which is probably why I was continually running like a chicken with my head cut off).


It’s not too late to seek actionable advice on optimizing your store and getting it ready for the biggest shopping holidays of the year.

Among our illustrious credentials, Blue Surge is a Shopify Partner. Meaning we are trusted by Shopify to work directly with small, local entrepreneurs and brands and help them to maximize their sales.

To be clear, I’m NOT talking about making $2 million in two days.

Or that “marketing guru” fluffy stuff you probably see ads all over on your Facebook feed. “Buy this course here for $997!” and all that jazz…

Nope, I’m talking about doing the consistent, sustainable strategies that help your brand make six figures annually.

So if you’re looking to run any promotions or sales this holiday season between now and January 5th, I recommend setting up a quick call with someone from our team.

Click this link if your business deserves a well-earned win after the tornado of a year we’ve had in 2020. 

And here’s my final secret on the subject for you…

Running ads will only get more expensive, the closer we get towards the end of the year as more businesses flood the timeline with their promotions.

You do NOT want to get caught up in this mix.

Working with a vetted professional will save you time, money, and a lot of unnecessary headaches.

Better late then never, but never late is better, that’s all for this October issue. As always, we’ll continue to provide value and help arm business owners and leaders like yourself with the knowledge needed to power through this challenging time. Can we answer any website or marketing questions for you? If so, contact us.

Let’s make the best of these last two months of the year.


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