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100 Black Men of Eastern New York Inc.

Learn how we helped an organization dedicated to making a difference establish a digital foundation with a sleek, modern website. 

Project Overview

The 100 Black Men of Eastern New York, Inc., a beacon of hope, was formed to address the current issues of the day in Black communities locally. It stands on the illustrious foundation of the men who paved the way for a more just and equitable society, a legacy they are proud to carry forward.

The 100 Black Men of Eastern New York, Inc. serves Eastern New York, which is comprised of the counties of Kings (Brooklyn), Nassau, Queens, Richmond, and Suffolk and, concurrently with the Southern District, the waters within the counties of the Bronx and New York.

This chapter needed a website to reflect their organization’s mission as the newest chapter of the 100 Black Men conglomerate.

01. The Challenge

President Phil Andrews needed a foundational website to ensure 100 Black Men of Eastern New York had a digital presence. Outside of social media, a secure website would be pivotal to signing up new members.

Blue Surge Marketing Agency took on the challenge of creating the ideal website. We aimed to combine the organization’s brand ethos with modern visual looks.

This project required self-manageability. It had to be easy for 100 Black Men of Eastern New York to make independent content updates while the website still needed to exude the group’s professionalism.

02. The Strategy

At Blue Surge Marketing Agency, we take pride in approaching website design with a strong strategy. We use a six-stage website design process. It is designed to bring clients from the planning to launch phase. This method keeps our clients in the loop about how development is going. With this approach, we build with end-user experiences in mind. This results in a reduced bounce rate for new visitors.



Cultural competency was critical to bringing this website’s idea to life. Building digital products for specific audiences requires attention to detail. As an agency, we aim to apply the best visual treatments that appeal to targeted audiences. This site aimed to educate and recruit prospective Black and African Americans to join their membership-based organization. Blue Surge Marketing Agency spared no expense in ensuring the correct cultural elements entered the final end website. This applied to everything from the aesthetics used to the imagery secured.



Using the proper infrastructure for a website is critical for its short and long-term success. We value scalable content management systems (CMS). As nonprofits grow, it’s imperative to have a CMS that can also grow with your organization. For this reason, we chose to use WordPress. WordPress is the ubiquitous CMS responsible for powering 40% of the world’s websites. We chose WordPress over other platforms for several reasons, including:

  • Customizable
  • Universal
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Secure
  • SEO-friendly



The 100 Black Men of Eastern New York website color palette was based on the organization’s logo. We used saffron (yellow-gold) and paired it with an essential black for contrast. In the hover state, we changed the text on the button colors from black to white.  



This strategy for this website’s imagery was to remain consistent with the brand values. We used in-house photography shots from the organization. Event photography from past membership meetings was a key element to this. The idea behind this strategy was simple: we wanted to show authenticity. New website visitors could feel the authenticity of the organization. They could get a better idea of how events looked in person. We handpicked stock photography to supplement the remaining pages, matching the aesthetic and feel of what we had already built.

03. The Results

The final website, 100 Black Men of Eastern New York, is a site to see. It’s the perfect marriage between brand and technical infrastructure. Today, new and prospective members can navigate the site for updates on this dynamic organization.

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