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Blacks In Government®

Learn how we helped an organization dedicated to making a difference establish a digital foundation with a sleek, modern website. 

Project Overview

Blacks In Government® (BIG) was established in 1975 and incorporated in 1976 by a small group of African Americans at the Public Health Services, which is part of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, in the Parklawn building in Rockville, Maryland. Based on a wide assortment of racially motivated problems faced by the HEW Black employees in Rockville, the organization was viewed as essential to the black civil service employee.

Initially, it was thought that the umbrella organization would address only the problems at the Federal level. However, it was soon determined that State, County, and Municipal Black employees were faced with the same general type of employment problems.
Nonetheless, Blacks In Government® was organized in 1975 and incorporated as a non-profit organization under the District of Columbia jurisdiction in 1976. BIG has been a national response to the need for African Americans in public service to organize around issues of mutual concern and use their collective strength to confront workplace and community issues. BIG’s goals are to promote EQUITY in all aspects of American life, EXCELLENCE in public service, and OPPORTUNITY for all Americans.

The organization needed an updated website built on a more flexible platform.

01. The Challenge

The organization’s original website was outdated my many years due to rapid changes in the website development and technology.

Furthermore, the BIG’s site had over 90 informative pages with a plethora of content. The firm responsible for completing the website redesign would need to accurately and safely migrate the content over without taking down the original site.

Blue Surge Marketing Agency took on the challenge of creating the ideal website. We aimed to combine the organization’s brand ethos with modern visual looks.

This project required self-manageability. It had to be easy for BIG to make independent content updates while the website still needed to exude the group’s professionalism.

The key challenges identified were:

  • Outdated Design: The existing website had an outdated design that did not reflect the organization’s prestige and modern advocacy efforts.
  • Poor User Experience: Navigation was cumbersome, and important information was difficult to find, leading to low engagement from visitors.
  • Lack of Mobile Responsiveness: The site was not optimized for mobile devices, causing accessibility issues for users on smartphones and tablets.
  • Inefficient Content Management: The content management system was not user-friendly, making it difficult for staff to update and manage content.

02. The Strategy

At Blue Surge Marketing Agency, we take pride in approaching website design with a strong strategy. We use a six-stage website design process. It is designed to bring clients from the planning to launch phase. This method keeps our clients in the loop about how development is going. With this approach, we build with end-user experiences in mind. This results in a reduced bounce rate for new visitors.


Our approach to redesigning BIG’s website focused on creating a modern, user-centric platform that would enhance engagement, streamline content management, and reflect the organization’s values and goals.

  1. Comprehensive Discovery Phase:

    • Conducted stakeholder interviews to understand the organization’s goals, audience needs, and pain points.
    • Analyzed website analytics to identify user behavior patterns and high-traffic areas.
  2. User-Centered Design:

    • Developed personas representing BIG’s diverse audience segments.
    • Created wireframes and prototypes focusing on intuitive navigation and accessibility.
    • Ensured the design was visually appealing, reflecting BIG’s heritage and modern advocacy work.
  3. Mobile-First Approach:

    • Prioritized mobile responsiveness to ensure the site performed well across all devices.
    • Employed responsive design techniques to maintain consistency in user experience.
  4. Enhanced Content Management System:

    • Migrated to a robust WordPress CMS to empower staff with easy-to-use tools for content updates.
    • Integrated custom post types and templates to organize content efficiently.
  5. SEO and Performance Optimization:

    • Implemented best practices for on-page SEO to improve search engine rankings.
    • Optimized site performance for faster load times and better user experience.

03. The Results

The redesigned BIG® website launched with resounding success, leading to significant improvements in various key metrics including:

  • Increased Engagement
  • Improved User Experience
  • Streamlined Content Management
  • Enhanced Search Engine Visibility
  • Community and Member Engagement

The successful redesign of the Blacks In Government® website not only modernized their digital presence but also significantly enhanced their ability to communicate their mission, engage with their audience, and manage content efficiently. By focusing on user experience, mobile responsiveness, and effective content management, we helped BIG strengthen their online platform, ensuring they continue to be a powerful voice for African Americans in public service.

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