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April 27, 2014
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Tax Pro On The Go


October 2017


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Email Marketing, Web Design


With the fast paced movement of technology, virtually no industry is left untouched by its presence. This includes one of the oldest of them all -- taxation. Tax Pro On The Go was designed to be a mobile tax software solution for independent tax preparers. It was designed with the idea that professional tax professionals could work remotely anywhere with their clients as long as they had an Internet connection.

We were tasked with increasing the number of qualified leads for Tax Pro On The Go as well as converting those leads into new independent contractors.


Blue Surge recognized the specific need to research the type of customers most likely to use this software. By using targeted data, our team was able to find the niche demographic to whom this product would appeal to.

Due to the kind of customer, Blue Surge placed emphasis on only professional platforms where leads would have the highest frequency of being found and converted.

We also focused on business development by implementing automated processes to guide leads down the pipeline.


Blue Surge was able to maintain email open rates above 60% for qualified leads.

We were able to increase the number of new contractors from the previous year by almost 20%.