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January 13, 2019


    Stoopid Jamz


    August 2018


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    Videography, Social Media Management, Photography


    Andrzej Danek, Founder of Stoopid Jamz & Harlem Rec 125 from Harlem, New York area, approached Blue Surge Marketing Agency with the task of assisting their musical talents heard throughout the streets of Harlem and also the speakers of their smartphones. Andrzej or Andre for short is a well-known musician, producer, classically trained pianist, and musical director. He's worked on numerous projects for brands like Mercedes, ESPN, Pepsi, Verizon. He's also worked with acts like Toni Braxton, Maxwell, and Nicki Minaj, etc.

    Andre wanted to fine-tune his visual and social media branding for his newest project “Stoopid Jamz,” which is a weekly music showcase series based in Harlem, NY. Talented vocalists and instrumentalists take turns performing on a simple, red-brick, rustic stoop to an audience of curious spectators.


    Working together with Andre of Stoopid Jamz was an enjoyable experience. We came up with an appealing video format that showcased the work of the artists. To help spread the series, we developed an aggressive social media marketing plan geared toward the demographics that Stoopid Jamz would best cater to while taking into consideration geographical limitations.


    Our team at Blue Surge was able to grow the Stoopid Jamz platform following from 90 followers to over 3,600 in less than four months, representing a whopping 3,900% growth increase.

    The videos spread and even were able to capture the attention of the Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, Monica, who retweted and applauded the vocals of a particular artist on her Twitter feed.