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January 11, 2019
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September 23, 2018


Patriot Mobility


July 2018


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After spending eight years rising to the top of the local home accessibility and mobility market for veterans in the New York and New Jersey area, Eddie, President of Patriot Mobility Inc decided he wanted to expand aggressively into the private sector.

Patriot Mobility Inc wanted to increase revenue by reaching civilian customers who needed to regain their independence.

Patriot Mobility Inc challenged Blue Surge Marketing Agency to take over their (non-existent) marketing division and bring the company into relevancy both online and offline.


Working with Patriot Mobility Inc was a daunting but exciting opportunity. Blue Surge divided their marketing strategy into several phases, where several weeks at a time were devoted to overhauling and revamping different areas.

The company that initially designed their website did not optimize it for mobile users, which caused a higher than average bounce rate for a site in their industry. We opted to redesign their entire website in 12 weeks while adding a customer portal for maintenance and a much-needed testimonials section. For a company that both serviced and made thousands of installs per year, there was almost zero evidence of such online. We made an emphasis on creating social proof by working with the technicians of Patriot Mobility to create a system that made gaining Google and Facebook reviews from customers simpler.

Not all changes that took place were as dramatic as those above. For instance, one change we implemented was removing the "Inc" from Patriot Mobility. The thought process behind the ideas was simple. By reducing just those three characters behind the primary name of the company, you could cut the likelihood that someone would misspell the company name in the search bar of a browser. This was important because the Patriot's targeted customers were elderly individuals who could theoretically have memory problems and were less likely to be technologically literate. A lot of in-depth thought went into making such a minor change that could very well have a substantial impact on baseline revenues.

We also took a look at how they collected customer emails and cleaned their subscriber list. From there, we established a content marketing strategy that included a regularly scheduled informative newsletter for customers AND staff. To learn more in-depth about how we helped Patriot Mobility change their digital marketing strategy and business, contact us here.