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June 1, 2018
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April 30, 2014




April 2013


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E-Commerce, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Paid Ad Management


With the secondary sneaker market valued at over $1 billion dollars and growing, KickBackz has become a notable marketplace in the sneaker and streetwear industry since 2013.

However, with major changes in the sneaker industry due to increased production numbers and a rise in competing marketplaces, KickBackz sought practical strategies and solutions for competing long term in the secondary resell market.


Through the use of Google Analytics, we were able to gain better insight as to who core customer were versus casual shoppers.

We went back to the drawing board and helped KickBackz choose specific brand elements to maintain a consistent image across all digital and physical platforms

We opted to create an email marketing calendar that would highlight specific moments that could be leverage for marketing while incorporating relevant and trendy conversations in the culture like the NBA Finals and National Sunglasses Day.

We used influencer marketing by target micro-influencers in the age range of 14 to 25 in major cities around the world to submit user-generated content.

Blue Surge set up automated and revenue-ready email flows designed to unlock previously unknown data about existing and potential customers and allow communication based on data driven events rather than guess work and assumptions.


We increased social impressions on an annual basis while adapting to algorithmic changes on the various platforms we used.

The transition from Shopify resulted in improved analytical reporting including where traffic was being sourced, activity occurring on specific page and items that were being purchased most frequently. It also was a more stable platform that did not need constant web maintenance on the backend or use of plugins.

The implentation of automated email flow resulted the average value or orders increasing by $16.23, which extrapolated resulting in hundreds of dollars of additional revenue monthy.

We increased the customer base to expand to online shoppers in over 30 countries.