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Better Future Credit Repair Services


September 2017


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Videography, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Email Marketing


With average amount of debt Americans are carrying rising annually, the credit profile of an individuals bears more weight than ever before. Better Future Credit Repair Services has positioned itself as a trusted figure in the credit repair industry.

Blue Surge was challenged with not only generating new leads but also findng ways Better Future could provide valuable content to potential clients.


As credit is a sensitive topic for many individuals, we wanted to use discretion as to what strategies we wanted to use to acheive our objectives.

To do this, we focused on two platforms in particular, YouTube and email.

As YouTube is the second most popular search engine, we created videos that would entice people looking to improve their credit score to view. We added a call-to-action that would get users to join our the Better Future Credit Repair Services email list. There, they would receive regular emails with actionable tips they could take to raise their credit scores.


As a result, the YouTube videos were shared on multiple platforms through users reposting them and sharing them with friends and colleagues.

We were able to grow an empty email list into a solid base and have helped Better Future Credit Repair Services become booked to the point that they were unable to take any new clients within 8 months of working with them.