Podcast Feature: How Blue Surge Grows Businesses Through Creative Strategy and Optimization

PODCAST FEATURE: How Blue Surge Grows Businesses Through Creative Strategy and Optimisation>

PODCAST FEATURE: How Blue Surge Grows Businesses Through Creative Strategy and Optimisation>

Godson Michel, president of Blue Surge Marketing Agency, joined Sheree Cusack over at Everything Small Business to talk about transforming his one-man agency into a premier, full-service digital marketing, website design, and consulting firm.

Speaking in an episode of the podcast entitled “Share Your Small Business Story,” Godson reminisced his humble beginnings as a college student trying to make ends meet, who somehow managed to dive into a lucrative business opportunity.

While earning a meager salary working in a sneaker retail store, Godson recalls having a eureka moment by observing the very customers he served.

“I realized that there was a very specific set of customers that are always coming in for this particular brand of sneakers. And I realized, after doing research and stuff like that, that those sneakers have a resale value,” he shared.

Godson fondly remembers stocking up his hauls and selling them offline and eventually, via Instagram. Without any experience, mentors, and resources, he launched Kickbackz. The Instagam marketplace of sorts grew into a global enterprise and became the springboard that launched his passion for digital marketing.

“…when I was running that business, I was getting so many inquiries on the service side of things with other small businesses. How did you figure out how to do all this stuff?”

Podcast Feature

After receiving multiple direct messages asking him about his digital marketing techniques, Godson committed to establishing a digital marketing agency.

His agency, Blue Surge Marketing Agency, covers most digital marketing services an eCommerce or even a non-profit organization will need to achieve their goals. From Email Marketing, PPC Ads, Social Media, and even web design for WordPress and Shopify, Blue Surge can do it all.

Podcast Feature

Godson believes his “grassroots” experience makes his agency competitive and unique. His proven ability to start a business from the ground up made him an expert in all things digital. And yet, despite his expertise and credentials, he has always looked back.

He didn’t have a mentor when he started launching his own business. So he made it a point to explain and somehow educate his clients on the metrics of the digital marketing space.

At Blue Surge, separating the vanity metrics from the hardworking ones is a given. The agency makes it a point to help their clientele understand what is needed to drive the business forward—and then they help do just that.

Podcast Feature

From jumpstarting an enterprise, heading a fast-growing agency, and authoring a book (which will come out in the fall of this year), Godson’s trajectory is unstoppable. He credits all that to hard work and hustle, two values he firmly believes should be at the core of every entrepreneur.

“As a small business owner, keep going. I know it sounds super cliche, and everyone says that. But just from my personal experience, if I stopped when things were hard, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It was only through those struggles and through not being able to know what I was doing, and then learning how to fix those things, is how I got to where I am today.”

Catch more of Godson and Sheree’s conversation here.

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