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Meet Godson, Your Next Digital Marketing Superhero

Team Lead at Blue Surge Marketing Agency

Hello friend, I’m Godson!

I’ve been the marketing strategist behind brands across the U.S. for over a decade. I help companies like yours outsource their advertising headaches. 

Why? So, business owners like you can spend more time doing the things they love. That’s better than worrying about Google Ads and keeping up with the newest TikTok trend.

Best part? I can help you break through competitive niches without breaking the bank. And that’s even if you have a limited budget.

And unlike other agency owners, I practice what I preach. I mastered this at age 22 when I made over $1 million in sales with my first online business through digital marketing (seriously, you can read it here).

Now, I’m here to help you go even further.

What other brands had to say

With over 60+ reviews from Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Clutch, you’ve got a lot to consider

Our Popular Marketing & Business Automation Services

Blue Surge Marketing Agency employs comprehensive, 360-marketing strategy designed to meet your bottom line objectives.

Google & Facebook Ads

We create and manage targeted ad campaigns designed to reach the consumers that matter the most to you.

Website Design & Development

Mobile ready, responsive, custom websites created to your unique specifications for any kind of business.

Email Marketing

We create and send timely, beautiful email campaigns to the people who are already fans of your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your site so your business can easily be found on search engines when it matters most.

Marketing Coaching

Work 1:1 with a Blue Surge digital marketing expert that will help you maximize business growth monthly.

Social Media Management

The core of our inbound marketing, we make sure your audience constantly sees relevant and engaging content on social media platforms.

Why brands like you choose us...

Pure Proven Performance

We're agency partners with some of the world's biggest platforms, like Google and Facebook.

Transparent ROI Tracking

We make it easy to follow the money. You'll get helpful reports so you always how your marketing is doing.

Daily Support & Communication

Enjoy end-to-end constant conversations with our team. Feel good about sending those late-night 2 AM ideas that can't wait for the morning.



We offer both flat-rate pricing packages (retainers) and hourly rates for marketing services.

We bill our website design and development services on a per-project basis. While we wish we had one universal price for every website, that is not possible. This is because the scope of work can vary due to differences in industries, business categories, functionality requested, and whether the website is a complete redesign or something we’re building from scratch.

Registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and charities may receive a 20% discount on our services.

Learn more here.

While there is no ‘official’ minimum budget we can work with, marketing is a “you-get-what-you-pay-for” type of service. Our goal is to offer online advertising and digital solutions at a fair price.

We can manage large and small budgets.

We understand your business or organization is unique, so we can work with you to discuss a personalized quote based on your needs, budget, and end goals.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided solutions to impacted businesses. Many of these companies were operating off limited funds or were still waiting for their PPP or EIDL loans. We were able to manage their accounts while they weathered the storm and have built long-lasting relationships with them as a result. You can read more about that in our press feature here.


It depends.

What affects how fast you see results:

  • Your product or offer – This is the most important thing. Is your product good? Does your service doesn’t deliver positive results? Not even the best marketing can save your brand. We’ll help identify ways you can improve your offer.
  • Budget – Bigger budgets mean more opportunities to find winners for your campaigns. This means we find what works for your brand faster and scale it up. 
  • Time you’ve been in business – The longer you’ve been in business, the more likely your brand will be seen as credible. This can help with converting customers more quickly.
  • Your willingness to adapt to changes in your niche – Trends come and go, but good principles last forever. We’ll work side by side with you to stay up to date on emerging trends. 

The first 90 days of our working relationship are critical. It’s when we build the foundations for a healthy marketing strategy for your brand.

After this period, you will start to see improvements in your key business metrics. Our aim is to complete the goals we define together from when we first met.

A high-performing, well-optimized ad can run for as little as $1/day!

That said, it often takes many revisions of testing out different creatives, formats, and measuring to get to that point of performance.

We don’t have mandatory minimums for your ad spend. However, we strongly recommend starting with at least $500 a month. This is separate from our agency fee to manage the ads.

How ad networks work

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, Bing Ads, and the like all work by testing data that gets users from a specific goal you determine (i.e., getting them to add to cart and then purchase something on your website).

Ad campaigns require a certain threshold of data to know whether or not your ad is working well or not.

The smaller your ad budget is, the less data your ad will have to know who to appear in front of.

Additionally, the smaller your ad budget is, the more fragmented your data will be. It’ll take you longer to determine whether a particular ad campaign is a dud or not. 

For example, some ads may perform poorly initially, but optimize over several weeks. 

We provide regular performance reports. They may be weekly or monthly, depending on your package. The performance reports include all the key metrics that matter to your business. Your Account Manager will review the report with you, explaining the data and the work we have completed on your behalf.

You will always be able to see the results of any active or past campaigns at your convenience.

You will always have access to your own data 24/7.

We understand that not all ideas are final. 

Sometimes you may want to change your mind before and during our work on your project. It’s okay, and it happens to the best of us, even when we thought we planned for everything we would need.

Requests above and beyond those listed in the budget may be considered out-of-scope. 

To accommodate you, we may include a set number of complimentary out-of-scope work hour(s) for your project at no charge. Please see your work agreement or message your account manager / project manager to know exactly how many extra hours you may need.

We welcome more work after you’ve used any extra out-of-scope hour(s) we’ve provided for you.

Learn more here.

You have the right to modify, reject, cancel or stop any and all plans or work in process. However, you agree to reimburse us for all costs and expenses we incurred prior to your change in instructions, and which relate to non-cancellable commitments, and to defend, indemnify and hold us harmless for any liability relating to such action. We agree to use our best efforts to minimize such costs and expenses.


We accept credit and debit cards, bank ACH, personal and business checks, PayPal, and cash.

We may accept alternative payments (i.e., peer-to-peer) upon request for small, one-time projects. Please speak to one of our team members for more details.

If your question is not listed here, please send us a message via our Contact page or call us at 631-600-7958.

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