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MMMint Bubble

Learn how we helped MMMint Bubble acquire nearly 75,000 new emails with a 59% conversion rate in just 5 months with the pop up we designed. 

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01. The Challenge

Trying to launch a new company is challenging.

Trying to launch a new company during a pandemic is even more challenging.

But that’s exactly what MMMint Bubble was tasked to do in 2020. After the launch of their website, designed by the good folks at Blue Surge, they needed to hit the ground running. As a new entrant in the gum, mint, and breath freshener market, MMMint Bubble required marketing to build their awareness and collect leads so that they could position their game-changing product to new customers.

Enter Blue Surge Marketing Agency.

02. The Strategy

Fresh off our website project’s wheels, our team was well prepared to help MMMint Bubble capture incoming consumer data. MMMint Bubble’s team seeded their product by collaborating with several food reviewers and giveaway platforms. Our role at Blue Surge was to strategize the best way to collect these leads and keep them organized succinctly. Because email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing channel, so we decided to use a platform that allowed for effective lead capture based on our design.

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We set up an e-CRM that enabled consumers to provide their data in a fully consented way. This method was aligned with CCPA and GDPR laws, which govern consumer privacy. After this, we designed an engaging pop-up form that encouraged web visitors to take action, based on the offer MMMint Bubble wanted to run.

As huge e-commerce enthusiasts, we relish any opportunity to work with new brands setting into the retail ecosystem. We took the hours invested into our kickoff meeting and worked with the MMMints team to come up with a smart e-commerce solution.

While the site was being worked on, instead of the standard maintenance or “Coming Soon” page, we instead launched a “Try MMMint Today” splash page that allowed visitors to request a free sample box of Mmmints before they officially launched to public.

03. The Results


Our lead capture form was widely successful based on the KPI’s we set in place. In five months, MMMint Bubble was able to accomplish a whopping 59.7% form submission rate. It was viewed by over 125,000 visitors, partially due to one of their campaigns going viral. Of those visitors, over 74,000 people submitted their information. Over half of the people who saw the pop-up form on their website completed it. For comparison, based on a study by Sumo, the industry average for a pop-up form is 3.09%. Our form exceeded the norm by 1,832%!

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