Welcome To Blue Surge Marketing Agency!

Please complete all of the instructions on this page to complete your onboarding phase.

Onboarding Steps
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    #1 - Join Us on Slack

    What is Slack?

    Slack is a workplace messaging and collaboration platform that reduces email and inbox clutter. It is similar to Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, or instant messaging. 

    Blue Surge Marketing Agency uses Slack to keep in touch with you about your project. You can learn more about the platform here: https://slack.com/.

    How will Slack benefit you:

    • You can send our team quick updates without having to write ‘formal’ emails.
    • You can find the status of your projects more quickly with faster replies. Our typical email response time is 24 – 72 hours, but you’ll find you can get answers within a day using Slack.
    • You can add other members of your team to collaborate with us to brainstorm more ideas.

    Slack is available for free download via:


    Do you have to use Slack?

    No. Using Slack is optional but highly recommended for the best client experience.

    If you decide not to use your Slack channel, you can still reach us by:

    If you change your mind later, we can always reactivate your Slack channel.

    How to use Slack

    Slack is a relatively easy tool to use. I’ve included several links below that will give you a tutorial of the app.

    What else should I know about using Slack with Blue Surge?

    1. Please only send messages in your #client-yourname channel.
    2. DON’T send direct messages to individual team members. Slack works best for team-wide communication so that our entire team member knows what’s going on at all times. Also, if that staff member is out of the office for the day or sick, you risk not having your message seen until they return. So please send your messages out in your channel for the benefit of everyone.
    3. While you can expect faster responses on Slack than email, response times may vary depending on time zones and staff scheduling on that day.
    4. DON’T use the #general channel. Messages sent there are automatically deleted.
    5. Use your shared Google Drive folder whenever you need to share a large amount of content with us (i.e., multiple pictures and videos).
    6. We can add members of your team to your Slack channel as well. Just provide us with their email address, and we’ll send them an invite.

    We’ll send you an invitation to join us on Slack within 24 hours. Please check your inbox for your invite. If you don’t see it, check your spam or promotions folder.

    #2 - Know How Else to Reach Us

    You’ve got 4 ways to reach our team:

    1. Slack – Your 24/7 chat room for instant messaging with our entire team
    2. Email – Send inquiries to support@thebluesurge.com.
    3. Phone – Schedule calls with our team by sending us a message on Slack or via email.
    4. In-person – Available upon request

    Things to know:

    • Fastest way to reach us is in your Slack channel.
    • No text messages, sorry (they will be ignored)
    • You can check the status of your emails at thebluesurge.freshdesk.com
    • Email response times are 24 – 48 hours, but response times may be increased due to higher than expected ticket volume.
    • We prioritize emails by the order your ticket was received and the level of urgency required.

    #3 - Set Up Your Kickoff Meeting

    A lot has happened between our first call to now.

    Our priority is to schedule a kickoff meeting with you to ensure our relationship is a success.

    Agenda includes:

    • Team introduction (Don’t you want to know who you’re working with?)
    • A quick recap of the scope of work per the contract (Let’s make sure you know exactly what you’re getting)
    • Goals, Plans, Challenges & Timeline (Learn what the plan is)
    • Project Overview (Get a roadmap view of your project)
    • Roles & Responsibilities (We assign who is accountable for what)
    • Next Steps & Action Items (We outline what’s on the horizon)
    Our project manager will reach out to schedule a time with you.

    # 4 - Complete Your Content Request Form

    If your project is about:

    • a logo design,
    • website hosting or website maintenance-related services,
    • or a small, one-time marketing task,


    Otherwise, keep reaching…

    If we are working with you on an ongoing basis for digital marketing services or (re)designing a website for you, we will need to collect content from you to start your project.

    Our project manager will send you a Content Request Form to your inbox.

    It will look like this in your inbox:

    Follow these instructions when you receive your request form.

    1. Open the email with the subject line, ‘Information required for…”
    2. Click the ‘Click here to access’ button.
    3. Watch this video to learn how to provide content for your project by clicking the button below.
    4. Read the instructions in the Content Request Form and provide your required documentation. Your request has a deadline, so it’s best not to delay completing it on time.

    #5 - Pay Your Invoice

    If you’ve completed this step already, congrats!

    If not, please check your inbox (and promotions or spam folder) for your invoice. It should be titled “Invoice #XYZ from Blue Surge Marketing Agency.”

    Once fulfilled, we can officially begin your project. If you haven’t received one after 24 hours, please notify us.

    #6 - Sign Your Agreement

    We’ll send you a full agreement/proposal that outlines your project’s:

    • Deliverables
    • Timeline
    • Billing schedule
    • Terms & conditions

    Please review and sign it at your earliest convenience. A PDF will automatically be available for you to download after we’ve both signed the document. 

    #7 - Access Your Google Drive Folder

    Within the next 48 hours, you’ll receive a notification in your inbox titled “Invitation to Collaborate.” Please open this email to access a custom Google Drive folder we’ve created for you. Your folder will contain a series of documents with instructions you must follow to know how to proceed.

    If you’re not familiar with Google Drive, it is a file storage and synchronization service by Google. It is analogous to Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox.

    Inside this folder, you can upload different types of content, including photos and videos, and share them with our team versus sending files via email. Why?

    • Keeping your project files centralized in one place reduces the likelihood of an attachment getting lost via back and forth email exchanges.
    • It also allows us to keep your project organized.
    • With shared access to this folder, we can collaborate and view items in real-time together with you.

    If you’re not already familiar, click the links below to learn how to use Google Drive:

    #8 - Download Your Onboarding Starter Guide

    Use your Onboarding Starter Guide as a quick handbook for learning about our agency.

    #9 - Whitelist Our Emails

    Don’t you hate it when you’re waiting for an important email, and it ends up in spam?

    We do too.

    Please whitelist our emails so that they will always enter the ‘Primary’ tab in your inbox (especially if you’re using Gmail).
    If you don’t do this, our emails may end up in your Promotions tab or Spam folder, which means you miss out on crucial messages from us.
    If you’re unsure how to whitelist an email, click here to open the quick, helpful guide we wrote on how to do it. After all, we can’t help you if you’re not getting our emails.

    #10 - Visit The Client Portal

    As a new client, you now have full access to the Blue Surge Marketing Agency Client Portal.

    Here, you’ll be able to:
    • open support tickets
    • receive gifts as part of our Referral Program
    • view and download free marketing resources
    • request one-time tasks
    • schedule phone calls and more.

    #11 - Get set up on Surge Marketing Hub

    Only applicable to clients who have signed up for our all-in-one sales and marketing solution, Surge Marketing Hub.

    Here, you’ll be able to:

    • store and manage leads 
    • send automated follow ups
    • monitor your brand’s online reputation
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