Communication Policy

Please review our updating guidelines on how to reach the team at Blue Surge.


Our email address has now changed to support@thebluesurge.com. 

All emails relating to questions about your project, website, marketing, and social media should all be directed to support@thebluesurge.com.

Our former email address will remain active for non-support related inquiries.

Emails and phone calls are our methods of communication.

We’re working diligently on reducing on responses times from on emails that require a direct reply from 3 – 5 business days down to 2 – 3 business days. 

Because we prioritize emails by urgency, you’ll often receive a reply within a shorter timeframe.


All phone calls must be scheduled in advance.

To reach your account representative or project manager via phone, you must use this link: calendly.com/thebluesurge/20min.

NOTE: This is a unique link exclusive to active clients. Please save this link in your contacts and share it with any critical team members who are responsible for making project decisions. Please do NOT share it with people outside of your organization.

Buffer Window

Please note there is a six (6) hour lag window before you will be able to have a scheduled call (i.e., If you attempt to schedule a call on our calendar on a Monday at 12 PM, the earliest time slot available will be Monday at 6 PM. In another example, if you were looking to reach our team at 10:30 AM, the latest time you could schedule that call would be for that morning at 4:30 AM). 


Our calendar is updated weekly. 

You can schedule a call without reaching out to us first. An open time slot on our calendar indicates availability for that time. Therefore, you do not need to send an email to ask for our availability to chat. Calls are via phone and can be set up as Zoom meetings upon request.

Hours of Operation

Our service hours for phone calls are generally 9 AM – 11 PM daily but may vary, depending on staff availability, special events, inclement weather, etc.

We are open on select holidays.


You can now raise a support ticket in our helpdesk. Create an account in our support portal and login before you create a ticket. You can also look at our Knowledge Base.

Alternatively, you can also use single-sign-on through Google, Facebook or Twitter to login.

Creating an Account in Our Support Portal

As a new user, you can create an account by clicking Sign up in the upper-right corner of our helpdesk.

Quick Guide to Checking Tickets’ Progress

At any point, you can login and check the status of your tickets by clicking on the Check ticket status link.

A ticket can have various statuses. You can filter out tickets based on the ‘Status’ by using the drop down above the list of tickets.

Helpdesk Link


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